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While the appeal of an intelligent dog may be strong, it's important to consider your lifestyle. Most people will not want to do what is required to provide a Border Collie environment. Their lives are too busy to focus so intently on what this breed needs. If this is your case, then do NOT consider a purebred Border Collie. The dog ends up unhappy, you end up frustrated and very, very often, the dog is given up. And, by then, what was a good Border Collie is now a behavioral challenge for someone else or the dog is put down for being 'too difficult'. This happens all to often.

It is your responsibility to clarify whether you can handle this type of dog within the context of your life. Even if you cannot do everything they need, you have to commit your time for consistent interaction with this breed.

BCRMN's goal is to find the most appropriate home for every dog who comes through our doors. We want the dog to be a good fit for your family and for your family to be a good fit for the dog. Each dog has specific adoption requirements listed in their bio; these requirements are based on what has been assessed while the dog has been in foster care and/or information that was provided by the previous owner/handler of the dog. On many occasions, these requirements are the product of areas that have been an issue for the dog in the past. We strive for every dog to have a GREAT home and every family who adopts from us to be THRILLED with their new canine companion. This is acheived by the dog being a good fit on ALL levels. Please be sure you read the bio of the dog you are applying for, thoroughly, and understand the dogs needs. Evaluate your home and your lifestyle to ensure that you meet the dogs requirements and that your home is a good fit for this dog, PRIOR to submitting an application.

Having this conversation prior to adoption saves heartache, hassle, and the well-being of a high-drive dog.

  1. All dogs placed by BCRMN are to be house dogs. NO dog will be placed in a home where they will be outside-only dogs, or be left outside while no one is at home.
  2. BCRMN requires PHYSICALLY FENCED yards (4' minimum, some dogs may require a higher fence; please see bio's for each dog's specific needs).
  3. Invisiable fences, tieing, tethering, or chaining dogs are not acceptable forms of exercise/containment.
  4. All new adoptors are required to enroll their new dog in an obedience class (of their choice) with in 6 months of adoption
  5. All dogs placed by BCRMN will be surgically altered (spayed/neutered) prior to placement.
  6. BCRMN will complete a home visit prior to adoption. No exceptions.
  7. BCRMN reserves the right to refuse adoption to any person for any reason.
  8. BCRMN does not adopt out littermates to the same family.
  9. BCRMN does not adopt dogs to families with children under the age of 8 years old.
  10. BCRMN requires that all family members who will be living w/the dog, are involved in the adoption process. We do not adopt dogs out as "gifts" or "surprises" for other people.
  11. BCRMN requires that all dogs and cats in the home (and past dogs and cats that applicants have owned) are/were kept up to date on vaccinations (per their vet's recommendation and state/local laws), heartworm testing and preventative, and are/were spayed/neutered. This information will be verified w/your vet upon application.
  12. BCRMN does adopt out of state, but we do require that new homes (once approved), come to Minnesota to meet the dog and take it home. We will not ship dogs.
  13. BCRMN generally does not adopt dogs out to working farm homes. Most of the dogs in our care are already "farm failures" and are not well suited for this type of life. We also do not have the ability to test our dogs on large stock, and therefore would not feel comfortable placing them in homes where working large stock is a requirement for their adoption.
  14. BCRMN does not adopt dogs out as "service dogs." We do not have the abilities to properly evaluate a dog's apptitude for such work, and therefore do not feel comfortable adopting them out as service dog candidates. If you are looking for a service dog, we recommend contacting agencies that specialize in this type of service.
  15. "Sport/Performance Home" are requirements of some dogs adoption. These are homes who are already active and experienced in structured dog sports (agility, obedience, disc, etc). These are normally high drive/high energy dogs that require an extensive amount of physical and mental stimulation. These dogs are NOT well suited for "pet homes" no matter how "active" that home is.


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