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Freeze--UPDATED 2.6.10

  • Breed: Border Collie X
  • Age: DOB Approx: 11.15.09
  • Sex: Male/Neutered
  • Color: Black and White
  • Size: Adult Size (approx) 35 pounds/18-20" Tall
  • Vet History: Current on DA2PPL, Heartworm preventative started. Avid Microchip implanted.
  • Adoption Fee: $350
  • More Info: Freeze and his litter were surrendered.
  • Training: Freeze had no formal training.
  • Additional Info: Freeze and his 3 siblings came into a central MN shelter as owner surrenders at about 2.5 weeks old. The shelter called us and we took the pups and mom!
  • Freeze is the most layed back pup. He likes attention and enjoys playing with his litter mates, but he's not a leader. While the rest of the litter is happy to bark and romp around, he can be often be found taking a nap. Freeze is still a border collie mix, and due to that he will need a home who is prepared to keep him exercised. He would love to go to puppy classes and learn new things!

    Here is what Freeze's foster home reports about him:

    He’s a chill little dude, but not submissive and he has no fear! Loud noises don’t scare him. New situations/people don’t scare him. I brought him to Chuck and Don’s last night and he acted like he owned the place, ran around like crazy, charmed all the employees. He is ferocious when he plays, tugs like crazy, chases toys. I have a Hero Pup 120 [puppy frisbee] sitting around so last night I decided to see what he’d do with it. He took right to it! He was chasing it and pouncing on it and trying to grab it while I dragged it on the ground back and forth in front of him, he chased a bunch of rollers and caught them clean, he tugs!! I was teasing him with a ball last night and he was snapping his jaws cause he really wanted it! Plus, when nothing is going on—no dogs or toys to play with—he is chill! He will just sit back and watch, or follow me around. He learned how to do stairs last night. We worked on being quiet in his crate and now he’s awesome with that. He’s learning “sit” and working on eye contact and responding to his name. He’s doing well with potty training, goes immediately when I bring him out and tell him to. He rocks!

    This foster dog is fed with food provided by Chuck and Don’s Pet Food Warehouse.

    Freeze and his siblings 1.2.10




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