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A high percentage of the dogs available for adoption through Border Collie Rescue of Minnesota have come from home situations directly into rescue without going into a shelter. If you are considering giving up your dog, please understand that Border Collies do NOT do well in the shelter environment.

They will often retreat and withdraw, making them very unadoptable or they will become very hyper active. These are sensitive dogs who can easily be over stimulated by chaos and commotion which, when they cannot control it, affects their personality.

A breed specific rescue is an appropriate solution to help your dog transition into a new home. In fact, rescue is one of the best ways for a Border Collie to find the right home, suited to this specific breed. We are extremely cautious about adopting dogs into well matched homes so we care for your dog as if he or she was our own. We want them to have a great life beyond what you've given so far!

When relinquishing your dog you must provide detailed information about your dog's behavior which will help us place him or her in the appropriate foster home where they can get the care and training to suit their specific needs.

Once relinquished to Border Collie Rescue of Minnesota, the dog cannot be returned. We are more than happy to keep you informed as to when your dog has been placed. We love to share the good news! But, we don't feel it's appropriate to connect the new adopter to you because they need to feel the dog they are adopting is theirs now, with no strings attached.

The cost of care for the number of dogs we have in foster care is very high with food, spay and neuter, heartworm testing, heartworm preventative, flea & tick preventative, microchipping, toys & bedding as well as the overhead for lights, heating, cleaning and maintenance of the yards where the dogs play and run. Any donations you'd like to make at the time of surrender are's toys, bedding, food, collar, leash or financial help.

At times our rescue is full and we temporarily must stop taking in new dogs. Everyone is committed to helping the dogs so please understand that we will exercise every option to find a solution as quickly as possible. Sometimes, time is the only solution, so you may be required to keep the dog in your home until a spot opens up to come into rescue.

Before surrendering your dog, please consider contacting a trainer and/or behavior specialist who might find a solution that allows your dog to remain in your family and for you to enjoy this treasured companion. We are happy to recommend trainers in your area.

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